Interview: Quickfire with Ripsy May

ripsy wine

Ripsy May exploded on to the blogosphere earlier this month off the back of this one song, ‘Black Wine’. Blending dark pop with a uniquely sinister vibe, this is one talent to look out for over the next year. Here’s a quick interview with the lady herself.

Let’s start with how you would describe your style…

Absolutely no idea. ‘Black Wine’ definitely brings out more of the ‘soul’ side to my voice – but I wouldn’t say that’s what the rest of my music like, or that I’m out to make soul music. ‘Black Wine’ was a song I wrote a while back and it felt like the right time to put it out. You’ll see a completely different side of me when I release my next song.
What influences do you draw on when coming up with your sound?
I couldn’t even tell you. There are so many people – I definitely grew up listening to the ‘uncool’ music when I was a kid, I loved the ‘oldies’. But music aside, my influences can come from anywhere – conversations, my past, different experiences with different people, or from picking up a different instrument that I’m not used to playing. Specifically, ‘Black Wine’ was created with my friend David – ‘Vud’ – who’s an incredible producer. I had initially worked on the song with another producer but then took it to my close friend/producer Vud. With his ideas and drumming background, Vud’s contribution (not only on the production side but rhythmic side) really changed up the sound of the song. He does a lot of work in both pop, and hip-hop (all kinds of music really) but in this song – there was a nice merge of that. You can really hear the beat, and change in rhythm – when it really sets in, and the build up at the end. He also had some brilliant ideas about how to create the different ‘sparkle’ sounds that touch the song – and those touches are ‘Vud’-esque! In fact, at one point, he added this weird sounding violin that goes throughout – and I was like ‘what the hell is that’ – but without it, the song sounded bare – and it’s those little things that collaborating with someone like that really teaches you.
Who would your dream collaboration be with?
I would say my dream collaboration would be with people from the past -Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Louis Armstrong or sitting next to Fats Waller on the piano (just to watch him play would be a joy).
Who are you listening to right now that you can’t get enough of?
Alabama Shakes’ new record is brilliant!
What’s coming up for you in 2016?
I think 2016 is where I’m going to be focusing on finally merging everything together – from poetry to illustrations, as well as music. The last couple of years has been me sitting in a hole and writing, so I’m excited to bring it all together.