Rothstein – chokehold

Photo / Justine Vanderpool

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Rothstein returns with a sultry new single that deserves your attention.

‘chokehold’ takes its inspiration from an old classic story called ‘The Girl With The Green Ribbon’, and looks at the secrets that lovers can keep from one another.

“There‚Äôs a folktale called ‘the girl with the green ribbon’, about a girl who never takes her scarf off lest her head roll off with it (from ‘in a dark, dark room’, a collection you may have read in elementary school if, like me, you went looking for the scariest shit available). ‘chokehold’ is my take on that story, a spooky little record about a dirty little secret.”

Rothstein has amassed more than eight million streams since releasing debut album ‘HIGH WATER’ back in 2018. Aside from his own solo work, this acclaimed artist has also worked on collaborations with the likes of Brasstracks and Alexander Lewis.