New Music: SALPA

SALPA might just be the most exciting new British talent that we have come across this week.

Melancholic debut single ‘England’ presents listeners with a stripped-back yet emotive sound that is lyrically inspired by the current state of the artist’s home nation.

“My Mother’s disillusionment, her rage. My Dad’s stoicism, his steadfastness. My Grandad’s anxiety for the world, his inability to switch off the news. When I return to England I stay with them, the pain comes from seeing something we all love in disrepair. I don’t remember much of the process, this song came from somewhere outside of myself. It doesn’t sonically align with where I’m going but it needed to come through and that is why I’m putting it out.”

While not much is yet known about SALPA, we are certain that this talent will pick up a ton of momentum in the coming months.


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