New Music: Serena Sun

Emerging from Vancouver is singer, songwriter and producer Serena Sun. Inspired by indie-pop and ambient soundscapes, this talent blends the two with her distinctively airy vocals to create a unique and emotive sound. Talking about new single ‘Body’, Sun says:

“This song is about sexual assault. I was sexually assaulted by a friend in university and was really shaken by it. Ever since I started pursuing my career as a songwriter, I’ve wanted to write about it but haven’t been able to find the words until now. I was on a trip to New York when my dad sent me an article about a protest against sexual assault going on at a university here in Canada. I was in my hotel room at the time, and was so upset that sexual assault was still such a prevalent problem on university campuses (and in general) that I wrote this song in thirty minutes. It felt so good to finally express it and have the lyrics also feel empowering to sing. I felt that it was important to bring another woman on as a producer and songwriter, so I worked with the incredible Tiger Darrow to bring this song to life. I hope that anybody who has gone through a traumatic experience will listen to this song and feel empowered, and enjoy singing (or screaming) the lyrics “F*ck you for trying to claim my body.”

Serena Sun