New Music: Sukie

Photo / My Perfect Cousin

Hailing from Manchester comes indie-pop trailblazer Sukie. Through her signature style of crafting funny-yet-sad lyricism, this talent presents songs that carry a perfect balance of playfulness and melancholy.

New single ‘Best Of Luck’ invites listeners into her personal space, as she opens up about growing up in a complicated family dynamic peppered with mental health issues, while also reflecting on the importance of letting go and moving forward.

“‘Best of Luck’ is really just about growing up in a family that seemed super ‘normal’ from the outside, but had lots of stuff going on that my friends and outsiders didn’t know about. It’s kind of an ode to me and my childhood best friend, as we both grew up in families that were very affected by mental illness. It feels like both a sad and a triumphant song to me. Writing it helped me to realise how much anger and resentment I was holding on to, and helped me to come to terms with the fact that mental illness is never anyone’s fault. it’s a song for my inner child, really. Giving her a hug and letting her know that it’s okay to move on from long-held grudges.”