Taloula – Quick Fix Love

Photo / Alexandra Waespi

London-based artist Taloula returns with the stunning ‘Quick Fix Love’. Dreamy yet candid in tone, the song addresses dependency in relationships – and is probably the most finessed soul-R&B slow jam you’ll experience all week.

“I talk about how I’ve always been dependent on others, whether in my romantic or professional life, putting aside my opinions and needs. Subconsciously, I never allowed myself to think for myself, always needing the approval or direction of others.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘The Evolution of Taloula’ is out now.


Taloula – Keep on Tryin’

London-based songstress Taloula crafts some of the most sensational cuts of neo-soul you could imagine.

Previously known as ‘Tal’, this artist moved to the UK after a prominent pop career in France so that she could embrace her true vision. ‘Keep on Tryin’ reflects the beginning of this new chapter for her, as she explains:

“This song is about how determined I am to never give up. As I try to listen to my inner peace, I feel like I can trust my instincts to lead me on the right path. Even though there are obstacles, I see the light through them.”