The Chakras release debut album this week

So I’ve been a bit of a fan of The Chakras for a while now and it’s great to see that their new album was released this week. It’s refreshing to have a big guitar band back on the scene. The album’s full of big, well crafted indie riffs. Highlights include Drifting (featured above) and We The People- which lifts you to another place!

New Music: The Chakras

Epic Irish indie with a bit of a raw edge. ‘Raised on a diet of Soul In Heaven era Verve self-belief, and Jesus and Mary Chain’s wanton fuzz, the band took an early hazy blueprint of how they wanted to sound and immediately removed anything that might interfere with their creating of it. They killed off long-standing relationships, resigned from the day-jobs and cut local ties, moved to London and have here made a record that took those noisy, hissing 8-track bedroom demos and transformed the very same songs into swirling, guitar-heavy anthems.’ Check out here.