Today marks the return of Canada’s finest, TITUS BANK. Summery new single ‘Radio’ is one of the catchiest alt-pop bops that I have come across so far this month.

With its pristine production, 80’s synth hooks, a wash of harmonies and an anthemic chorus, this could well be one of the stand-out hits for the season ahead.

“I wrote this song with the amazing and talented Jack Newsome while I was away on my first writing trip in LA. This tune ended up being inspired by one lyric that I had written down in my notebook ‘love is only better on the radio’. We sat there and explored and talked and eventually came up with the concept that the love that can rival my wife and I’s is only possible in the ideals of songs and artists on the radio. It’s a song about growing up being an awkward kid and how the early stages of my relationship with my now wife were so clammy and classically cringey. I would love to be like the great swooners and songwriters of our time but in reality, our love still rivals anything that actually exists in this world and the only love that can come close to our cute little awkward love would be the stuff you hear on the radio. The sound is definitely a new exploration for me as it has a lot of 80’s elements and this sort of age-old four on the floor upbeat feel in the chorus.”


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Titus Bank – The Way You Love

Canadian artist Titus Bank returns today with a sleek fusion of dreamy pop and mellow disco through his new single ‘The Way You Love’.

Sugary sweet and highly addictive, this BIG KILL-produced track is the ear candy you’ve been waiting for… once you get a taste for it, you’ll be listening on repeat.

“I wrote this song almost on a whim, just to ease the urge in me to write big, loud, overemphatic love ballads. I love ‘love’, so this song is simply me standing on a mountaintop screaming to my wife that I love her love.”


Titus Bank – I Do Yeah

A tremendously catchy pop bop from Canadian talent Titus Bank. This artist had previously made waves with an ambitious project called the 365 Songwriting Challenge, during which he wrote, recorded and released an incredible 185 songs in the span of a year.

Now he’s back with the next chapter of his music career with the unveiling of ‘I Do Yeah’. The song is somewhat of a testament to sticking to your artistic vision, even if it takes years of hard work before you get it right.

“When we initially wrote [I Do Yeah’], the idea was about trying to better yourself as a person, and proving everyone who doubts you wrong. But when we wrote the bridge, it also became about letting go of expectations to be this perfect person. It’s a tug-of-war between self-betterment and letting go of social pressure.”