New Music: The Subways

I was really into this kind of music in my mid teens, so when I hear The Subways I sort of feel like I should put on some baggy jeans and wrap myself with duck-tape or something [making ‘a statement’]. This track has been A-listed on BBC Radio 1 which is a very huge deal and I can see it’s appeal. They’re already on their third album (which makes me feel old since I’ve only just heard of them now), and they seem to be doing alright for themselves;

“We wrote this track about each and every one of you” exclaims singer Billy Lunn night after night on tour. ‘It’s A Party’, the opener on the album has over the course of the band’s summer exploits across Europe become a (if not the) live favourite culminating with massed frenzy at venues across Europe not least at the band’s recent sold out show at London’s KOKO which witnessed Lunn leaping from a first level balcony into the moshpit…”

Check out here.


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