If you’re looking for a nice Nordic pop album to buy…

… give this one a try. They’re one of my favourite Scandi duos and they deserve world domination. Here’s a bit of blurb… ‘

Wild arctic nature. Big city pulse. Fearless synthesizers, miles and miles of reverb, and delicate rhythms. Delicious swedish indietronica from Stockholm by way of San Francisco and the cold northern regions of Sweden. Long nights of dancing and long hikes in the mountains.

Single UR Road feels like a long fun summer distilled into four minutes of sweet electropop with bouncy hooks and lush vocals. There’s even some whistling in there as well.

Sameblod is one of Swedens most promising and exciting new acts – Frederick and Mikael in Sameblod have received lots of blog-attention, even more plays on Soundcloud and hopefully this is just the beginning.

Sameblod release their debut album april 20th through Norwegian indie label Riot Factory.


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