Interview: Quickfire with Bernhoft

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to something of a Norwegian vocal sensation. I’m talking about Bernhoft– I did feature him quite a while back but he’s coming to London in October, and it seemed like a good chance to throw some quickfire questions at the chap. It’s not as glamorous (or kinky) as the one he did with Ellen, but you know…

You’ve got a really distintive sound, how did you realise that this was the direction you wanted to pursue musically?

It kinda chose me to be honest. After my old band fell to pieces, the plan was to study teaching and grow up. However, through a hidden message in the Fresh album, Sly Stone commanded me to start writing, recording and gigging again. You don’t sah no to Sly.

Who are your musical idols, and why?

Bartok, Stevie Wonder and Keith Jarrett, for their brilliance. Keith Richards for attitude.

Your video for C’mon Talk has been seen well over a million times on YouTube- how was the response been to your music been since?

Pretty much the same as it was with 20.000 views, only coming from more people.

Why do you think there’s so much exciting music coming of out Scandinavia in the last few years?

Simple answer to that; we’re stinking rich and can afford to spend time making said music.

You’re playing London’s Union Chapel on the 15th October- are you looking forward to playing in London?

Yeah, Londoners are a tough crowd, very jaded in that so much goes on and they won’t take no shit. But I find that they love the things they like, so I’ll have to work hard. And I love that venue!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Nothing but churning out future evergreens. I’ll leave the rest to chance.

Bernhoft plays London’s Union Chapel on October 15th 2012. I’ll be there, and so should you! Find out more here.


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