New Music: Whose Rules

Norwegian bedroom pop with a quirky and admirable essence.

Whose Rules


Zupermaria – Ingenting er lenger som det var

Zupermaria’s new song proves that you don’t always need English lyrics to enjoy some mad disco pop.



A flawless blend of chilled RnB and afrobeats from a Norwegian-Ghanian talent.


Lil Halima – Friends

Alfitude favourite Lil Halima returns with a disco edge that I am absolutely mesmerised by. One of Norway’s consistently impressive talents.

Lil Halima

EKKO – Tipsy

Just in time for the weekend comes this bouncy banger from Norwegian pop kid EKKO.

“‘Tipsy’ is about making someone else feel better about themselves, by sipping on summer vibes and living in the moment.”

The debut EP ‘Symptoms’ is set for release on September 25th.


New Music: ST. NIKLAS

A rousing blend of Norwegian power pop and synth.

“In one moment you’re in loves’ intoxication, but in the next one you feel that love is a curse. It’s pretty weird, but while looking back on previous relationships even my very best friends couldn’t comfort me. It really makes no sense when I’m looking back on it. Is it because the need of being seen is biggest from that very person that just told you you’re not good enough?”

St. Niklas

jens – Nocturnal

“‘Nocturnal’ is written about an on-and-off relationship I was involved with, the track can definitely be called self-biographical. To me the song is a great soundtrack to a carefree summer fling.”


Ane Brun – Honey

What would your future self tell you? The Norwegian legend returns with a beautifully introspective piece of indie pop.

Ane Brun

Lokoy – classic city girl

Two minutes of escapism through this playful Norwegian indie pop that feels bonkers but raw at the same time.


New Music: Likeable Lars

Blending so many genres together into a single song shouldn’t work, but somehow this Norwegian duo have managed to create something really special here. A melodic fusion of soul, RnB, bass and pop.

“This single is about being stuck, lost and confused, and wanting to have some sort of medicine to heal.”

Likeable Lars

Emilie Nicolas – Oh Love

Track of the week. Words couldn’t comprehend the emotions that ran through me when I first played this song from Norwegian talent Emilie Nicolas. It’s a haunting, heartbreaking piece with elements of soul and bluegrass, all combined together to create something truly beautiful.

Taken from the album ‘Let Her Breathe’.

Emilie Nicolas

New Music: NUJA

Chilled Norwegian pop, comprising of vocalist and songwriter Mirjam Omdal and producer Magnus ‘Magnify’ Martinsen. If enjoy their sound then you’ll be pleased to know that they plan on releasing two EP’s this year, with the theme for both being mental health.

“Mess is about the story of how a person’s thoughts and feelings after being abused can affect their life”.

Taken from the first EP ‘Close’ which will be released on June 12th.


New Music: Divest

A Norwegian indie-rock quartet with a meaningful message.

“It’s about life being like a karmic wheel that just keeps going and going. One event after another, but if you find yourself on the outside of the wheel for some reason (like these Corona times) you can get a sense of what am I really doing?