Astrid S – Emotion

Welcome back Astrid S! This is so damn good! It bounces between old-school Royksopp and Daft Punk. Am I the only one that feels that? Anyway… So good!


Unge Ferrari + Coucheron – Ung & Dum

How would Norwegian hip hop sound with some disco thrown in? Quite brilliantly I’d say…

Unge Ferrari | Coucheron

New Music: Hasta

Mellow Norwegian vibes – it’s dreamy pop with a soulful twist.


Sigrid – Sucker Punch

Ahhh this is too catchy! Just can’t get enough of Sigrid right now.


New Music: NorthKid

Norwegian pop with a cheeky charm. I feel like these guys could be ones to watch for 2019…

New Music: earwulf

A distinctive, airy Norwegian pop sound.


New Music: BUNSA

This is the kind of RnB you just wanna put on in the middle of the night on a highway drive to somewhere.


Lido – Corner Love

Track of the week. To go through as many songs as I do on a daily basis, and then to listen to something so ethereal and unique as this feels nothing short of euphoria over my jaded ears. It really needs to be heard from start to finish. Features vocals from Unge Ferrari.


New Music: anton.

Dance pop from Norway with the catchiest hook you’re likely to hear all week.