New Music: Pen Gutt

Cosmic Norwegian rap. I know it’s sounds odd, but if there’s one thing Norway’s music scene excels in is finessing the random into charming.

Pen Gutt


New Music: Icy Arn

Every so often a Norwegian talent comes by that delivers a sound which hasn’t been played with before. This is a trippy blend of trip-hop and deep RnB bass.

Icy Arn

Great News – TV

“We felt like sharing some new music, and TV seemed like the perfect song to release. We’ve been thinking about how television has had such an enormous impact on our lives. We find ourselves walking down the street and seeing all the TV screens lighting up people’s apartments, creating common memories for different generations. Who really decides what to watch or what to listen to now? The age of conventional TV is definitely over, but these new platforms are also heavily influencing our choices and how we make them.”

Great News

New Music: Beharie

“The song is about the struggles of being an introverted, soul in a world of full of perceived extroverts and carrying an overwhelming fear of not being good enough or fitting in with the crowd.”