Josephine – Portrait

I featured Josephine some time ago and she has since caught the attention of pretty much most new-music blogs around the world. There’s something subdued, soulful and epic with this sound.

It warms you and overwhelms you at the same time, which is a rare feeling.

Hailing from the music mecca that is Manchester, Josephine mixes a wide range of sounds together- from the retro Dusty Springfield-sounding ‘Portrait’, through to ‘Original Love’, which also happens to be her new single, with it’s throwback to African percussions (yet also has a bit of a Massive Attack feel to it- or is that just me?), through to her joyous debut, ‘What A Day’.

It’s a unique voice, and a special sound. Standout tracks for me are the beautiful tracks opening and closing the album; ‘When We Were Trespassers’ and ‘House of Mirrors’. But that’s probably just because I’m in a mellow mood. Anyway, the album’s out now- it really is worth a listen.


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