First Watch: Josephine ‘Portrait’

josephine singer portrait album

That Northern chanteuse Josephine is back with a lovely new single and video. It’s out on the 25th February.

Josephine – Portrait

I featured Josephine some time ago and she has since caught the attention of pretty much most new-music blogs around the world. There’s something subdued, soulful and epic with this sound.

It warms you and overwhelms you at the same time, which is a rare feeling.

Hailing from the music mecca that is Manchester, Josephine mixes a wide range of sounds together- from the retro Dusty Springfield-sounding ‘Portrait’, through to ‘Original Love’, which also happens to be her new single, with it’s throwback to African percussions (yet also has a bit of a Massive Attack feel to it- or is that just me?), through to her joyous debut, ‘What A Day’.

It’s a unique voice, and a special sound. Standout tracks for me are the beautiful tracks opening and closing the album; ‘When We Were Trespassers’ and ‘House of Mirrors’. But that’s probably just because I’m in a mellow mood. Anyway, the album’s out now- it really is worth a listen.

New Music: Josephine

I heard about this lady some time ago but her name deems it near impossible to google her for more information. But anyway, here you go. Very exciting new British soul. ‘What a Day’ and will be released on 20th August followed by the album titled ‘Portrait’ on 8th October. Check out here.