Interview: Quickfire with Sibille Attar

Sibille Attar

Sibille Attar’s unique blend of cute indie and dark pop has made her one of the most talked about Swedish acts to emerge from 2013. Here’s a quickfire with this very insightful talent…

Where did you draw inspiration from for your latest record, ‘Sleepyhead’?

It’s really a typical first album, millions of things bottled up from a long time.

I’ve been a touring musician for years and was always pretty restless and jumpy so in-between touring and all that I’ve not been exactly still you know… Never knew how to stick around at one place for very long.

That has put me in a lot of weird and fun but crappy situations too, so there was a few stories there to be told.

What is it about Sweden that makes it a top spot for emerging music talent?

I’ve found myself drawing inspiration all over the world but not so much here so I don’t feel like the best representative.

In my life I’ve spent a lot of time trying to leave but I keep coming back so there is something though…

I like the darkness and the cold for example, it suits me.

I am the traveling kind but a lot of Swedes seems to be, maybe that feeling of being a citizen of the world more so than of Sweden in particular could be a red thread in the success of Swedish artists? Who knows.

But I have to mention that right now it’s a very racist place, so not very inspiring music wise, or I guess it could be… Fight wise though, very inspiring. People here should react more to that growing movement, silence and passiveness is super dangerous.

What’s your favourite track by another artist right now?

The Rip by Portishead.

Every time I’ve put the radio on in Sweden recently, ‘Come Night’ seems to be played on the stations. How has the reaction to the track been?

I guess you kinda answered the question for me there! But seriously, yes, people seems to have reacted great to the full album here in Sweden, I even got a Grammy nomination for the 4-track EP I released before the album.

I hope the rest of the world will wanna follow that trend.

But I try not to get involved in that way of thinking, you know, what other people think or how they will react.

What’s next for you?

I wanna take over the world!

Sibille’s full length record is set for a U.S. release in 2014.

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