Thoughts on Lykke Li’s ‘I Never Learn’

lykke li i never learn album cover

So Lykke Li. I have a love/hate relationship with this kid. Some music by her drives me to tears (almost), while other times she terrifies the life out of me.

Irrespective, I’ve had a chance to listen to new record ‘I Never Learn’ (out 5th May) and for the most part, it’s just beautiful.

There’s still that trademark cold, dark, lost sound that Li carries so well – the opening and title track, ‘I Never Learn’ is an example of that. But it’s balanced out with songs that verge on sounding deceptively cute (‘No Rest For The Wicked’) and breezy (‘Silver Line’).

However the music come across though, the lyrics are still deep and sharp and intense and at times heartbreaking.

In my view, there’s a noticed contrast between this album and Lykke’s last record, ‘Wounded Rhymes’. This album feels more vulnerable. It’s out on the usual outlets.