Alfitude is 5 years old today. And it’s got me a little personal…

March 2015 Logo Square Yellow

Half a decade ago I started this site with no clear aim on what it should be about, or for what purpose. I was a bit down and bored with too much spare time and not enough fun.

In time as I’ve learnt more about myself, I’ve come to realise that discovering new music – or music as a whole – is something I just can’t do without.

I didn’t care how cool, or current, or how unfinished, or how dated something sounded. If I connected with it then I didn’t need anyone to tell me that what I was listening to was good or bad, right or wrong.

I started to feature sounds before most people had heard them. It didn’t matter what genre they were. I just posted what I liked. And I just kept going. Over the years the followers started to grow and I came to learn that I am not the only one to think this way about music.

That is what Alfitude has evolved into. I’m not the biggest music site on the web. But I know that when it comes to the followers on here- there’s a real love for music.

I’ve seen unsigned talent get featured and have the deals they deserve, and that’s an awesome feeling.

I’m sharing some Robyn with you in this post for a reason. These past twelve months have been the hardest for me, and only recently have I started to think with a clear head again. ‘With Every Heartbeat’ had randomly appeared on a shuffle two weeks ago and something in me changed; a new level of optimism that I wish I could share with you all. I’d never quite felt anything like it before- it was as though the world was trying to tell me a message. And I haven’t felt the same since.

That’s what music does.

Thank you everyone for following Alfitude all this time. None of it would have existed without you and the passion that you share with me. There are no plans for any of it to stop. In fact, it feels like a new beginning…