Fellow Hollow – Where can I buy fresh berries at night?

A genuinely touching and emotional piece of indie folk that explores grief in the modern world.

“This song is about the many forms grief can take—particularly in the digital age. I read an article about a woman named Eugenia who made a ‘digital monument’ for her friend Roman who had died tragically in an accident. The memorial was an interactive chat bot that pulled words and phrases from email and text conversations between her and her late friend throughout the years. The article touched me but left me unsettled. While the conversations felt sweet and melancholy, it all felt a bit like the entering the uncanny valley. Does our technology make it harder to get closure? What ought we do with the digital remains of our loved ones?” Andrew Gavin Williams (Fellow Hollow)

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Violet Paper Wings’ which will be released late summer 2020.

Fellow Hollow