New Music: Elyar

As far as songs go, this cut from Elyar is one of my favourites of the month. It’s the kind of track that is so intricate and textured that it needs a few listens to fully appreciate, but at the same time doesn’t feel overdone or busy. How it came about in it’s final form is quite a fascinating story in itself…

“The song was originally a freestyle I’d done in 2016 over a 4 bar loop before I’d even considered starting to produce my own music. Every few months from that point, I would have a lyric or a melody from the freestyle come to my head; but I ignored it because I thought the project was lost and felt the urge to just create new music. In 2020, I found a voice-note of the 2016 freestyle and decided to fill the gaps and let it belong to someone else. The production process was super spontaneous. I was staying at my girlfriend’s house in lockdown and I would hear things like sirens going past at the right moment (so I sampled a UK police siren and put it in the post-chorus)… I heard piano chords, cello, even a cat purring (which I sampled in the beat)… I really just trusted what I heard my head.”