New Music: Mark Ferg

From the first note, you know… you just know that this is some of the finest soul you can hope to hear in 2020. The intensity shines through on the powerful lyrics that were inspired by the the recent turmoil that our world is experiencing.

The production is totally committed to those halcyon times from soul’s golden era; it’s true that the sound isn’t future-forward, but the impact that it has is quite stunning.

“With racism rearing its ugly head yet again, the effects of COVID19 on the world and the unemployment rates skyrocketing, it seems depression, death and despair was lurking in every corner of my mind.

I tried really hard to come up with ways that I could do my part and show up for my myself, my people and for the world and after some deep searching within I made a decision that the best way for me to contribute to what’s going on right now in the world is to reflect and document it through my art.

Taken from the record ‘Planet Earth Is a Ghetto… But I Still Love You’ which is out now.

Mark Ferg