P!NCH + Brijs + GIRLI – Big Cat

The release of ‘Big Cat’ announces the introduction of an exciting new collaborative project from a mysterious talent who goes by the name of P!NCH. The only clues as to who their identity is comes from the record label itself:

“We don’t quite know what we’re unleashing here. P!NCH is going to explore anything and everything. The collaborations he’s lined up could lead the project anywhere and the possible combinations are kind of unlimited. That’s why we chose the deck of cards to represent it.”

This track features the talents of renowned British producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brijs as well as vocals from the mega-talented GIRLI.

The song is immediately captivating; it’s a loud and almighty stomping slice of feel-good tropical pop that gets your heart racing in record time.

P!NCH | Brijs | GIRLI