New Music: Mia Mormino

LA based multi-disciplined talent Mia Mormino is a 20-year-old singer, dancer, model and songwriter (amongst a whole lot of other things – trust me, this kid does a lot!).

With all that under her belt, it comes as no surprise that this track is a stunning (really stunning) piece of dark pop. The volume of raw emotion that bleeds from this song is truly outstanding.

This song touches on my tendencies-in the past-to only go for the guys that mentally ruined me. Even though now I’m ready to be in a happy stable relationship, my heart still longs for trauma. Backwards, I know. But as you continue to get to know me and my work you will notice that’s kind of a reoccurring theme. The healthy relationships I’ve had in the past never seemed to cut it for me.

Mia Mormino