New Music: Alfie Indra

There’s something special about this British 23-year old talent, who’s voice carries an essence of pure melancholy that is immediately engaging. The song itself looks at the ever-overlooked issue of mental struggles in youth, with raw yet introspective lyricism. There’s no doubt in my mind that this kid will be huge, it’s just a matter of when.

“After talking about my struggles with OCD and intrusive thoughts on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast, I had hundreds of messages from a mix friends and other podcast listeners saying that they had been struggling too. It made me realise that everyone has some sort of battle going on in their head, but the majority of people don’t talk about it, so everybody ends up feeling like an outcast. Writing ’All My Friends Are Depressed’ was my way of processing this by opening up a blunt and honest conversation about it.”

Alfie Indra