New Music: Dutchkid

A London-based outfit with a finessed approach to creating alternative electronic pop. This track is inspired by the mental health struggles that young people can face when they compare themselves against the seemingly perfect lives they see from others online.

“I’m slowly learning that our attention is becoming a currency that people want to buy and I wanted to gain back some control. I came off Facebook a few years back and genuinely haven’t missed it at all. I decided to come off Instagram a month ago which was a lot more difficult as I love to take pictures and share them but I was so dependent on the likes and ‘attention’ my photos would get that it was overtaking my love of photography. I want to be able to meet up with my friends and ask them if they’ve discovered anything new recently rather than following our friendship in a 1080×1920 box. I might return to it at some point but for now the break has gained me some brain space back and I’m now choosing what I give my attention to rather than a corporation deciding for me.” – Pete Coggan, Dutchkid

Look out for the debut album which is due next year.