New Music: Daniel Donskoy

If the name sounds familiar, it may be that you recognise Daniel Donskoy from big TV shows like ‘Strike Back’, ‘Detectorists’ and ‘The Crown’.

In addition to being an actor, today marks the release of his beautiful debut solo single ‘24‘. The sound is a finessed and sleek blend of RnB and minimal electronica, accompanied with sultry vocals and lyricism that longs for adrenaline and emotional peaks.

“It’s all about the high for me. But you’ve got to let your feelings stir you in the right direction to get to that point. You smile and have to trust that every high, whatever it is, will be followed by a low. But it’s nothing to be scared of, simply the truth, and the truth can’t hurt you if you accept it. I learnt to accept that, by now and treasure my awareness of that.” 

Daniel Donskoy