New Music: Austin Dean Ashford

Very rarely do you come across a talent who so perfectly blends Southern Trap with old-school hip hop and gospel as effortlessly as this; it’s a fresh approach to music and a genre that Austin Dean Ashford is pioneering under the term Island Trap.

This is a track that immediately charms it’s way right through to your heart, and the story behind it’s creation puts the song into context:

“Yes, I was in the middle of signing a major record deal and then Covid-19 happened while I was touring in New Zealand as a Ph.D. student. I knew I needed a way to adjust to the pandemic and decided to make Sophisti-Ratchet on my phone. Then on my iPad. Then I recorded it in Lubbock Texas at Amusement Park Studios while I was doing my Phd classes. I would like to portray the feeling of harmony. There are so many forces pulling us in so many ways that I hope we can get balance between our sophisticated and Ratchet sides of the spectrum.”

Austin Dean Ashford | Noel Scales