New Music: Honeyboys

Just about the most charming song you will experience this week, Honeyboys create a nostalgic and melodic sound inspired by 50’s RnB and 60’s surf-rock.

Contrary to the style of music you hear from this emerging Californian group, they first got together in a very Gen-Z way; through social media follows, DM conversations, and Zoom sessions.

And if this is the first you hear of them, then ‘Davinci‘ is a perfect introduction; a song which seamlessly balances the playful with the melancholy, and is a pure delight to experience.

“We try not to put ourselves in a box. Not every song will sound the same and not every song is made the same way. We want to put people in a happy state of mind. We want people to have a good time, you know?” – Ari, Honeyboys


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