New Music: Tommy Brown

In one word, you could describe British rapper Tommy Brown’s sound as ‘Epic’. There’s no holding back with this talent’s music; it’s raw, intense, deep, introspective and totally captivating.

Blending elements of jazz, soul and rock with hip-hop, Tommy Brown shows himself to be someone who is unafraid to break away from the traditional moulds of hip hop in the quest to tell his stories.

“This song is very personal to me as it represents a part of my life I poured a lot of my energy into. Me and an ex would talk about a future together and then one day that all came tumbling down when she moved away and found a new man. The track recounts my experience of this. We were lucky enough to have Izzy bless the track with powerful, soulful vocals – this gives the song an added layer of conversation within it between the verses and the choruses.”

Taken from the new album ‘Carousouls’ which is out now.

Tommy Brown