New Music: Dylan Jordan

It’s so incredibly rare to see someone with a significant following on social media open themselves up with such a raw and honest piece of music. I sense that this release is just the start of something much bigger for Dylan Jordan.

“At the age of 7, my biological father left my mom and I. This had a huge impact on my life as it made me feel a sense of rejection at a very young age. It forced me to grow up a lot quicker than a normal kid would’ve had to. However, I look back and realise it was a blessing in disguise. It made me the man I am today. It taught me that sometimes people will leave you or let you down… and it’s not your fault. It taught me to value every moment you spend with your family. I know that one day when I am a father, I will be the father I had always wished for as a kid. ‘Please Die Slow’ is about this story.”

Dylan Jordan