New Music: Zach Hood

Showing the force of power that is TikTok, a 30-second preview clip of this song ended up reeling in 9 million views in just over a week. So in a way, this song’s gone viral before it was even released.

Haling from Alabama, Zach Hood is already a noted TikTok creator prior to making music. His first single ‘Flashbacks’ was released earlier last month and has already amassed over a million streams since then.

“The lyrics of ‘Isabelle’ are true and honest to a T. It came together on a Sunday afternoon where I was telling [co-collaborators] Jonny and Jayden about my casual, yet memorable, weekend spent with a girl I had recently connected with in LA. I had a strong desire to write an upbeat, care-free song that reflected my current state of happiness, as opposed to talking about my past – like I had been frequently in recent writing sessions. I simply had an amazing time doing essentially nothing with a friend named Isabelle. The rest is history.” 

Zach Hood