url + Inadelle – magic wand

Former high school friends url (pronounced ‘Earl’) and Inadelle collaborate on the deliciously dreamy ‘magic wand’. Bedroom pop at it’s finest, this track explores the emotional ups and downs of prospective love, told from opposite perspectives.

“‘magic wand’ was our first collaboration after not having seen each other for almost a decade. We talked about our current relational statuses and found we were on opposite sides of our situations. I started laying down the instrumentation mid-conversation – after Inadelle put down the hook, the song was pretty much finished by the end of the night. The lyrics touch on both sides of intimacy – scared of hurting or being hurt. Whoever holds the wand has the “magic”. – url

Look out for url’s debut EP, which is due this summer on new label Havêa Records.

url | Inadelle