New Music: Georg’ Estelle

Soul seems to be that one genre that resonates with anyone at any stage in their life. It has the ability to comfort you on a sad day, and join you on the happy days as well.

The pandemic has seen a lot of bad days come to light, but during lockdown there have been some artists like Anglo-Italian singer, songwriter and dancer Georg’ Estelle, who have thankfully spent their time creating some refreshing soul to cheer us all up.

“This song was written at the peak of the pandemic, during a difficult time of my life, where my motivation as an upcoming artist was hardly there, being at home isolated from everyone. But I still had hope, and I still wanted people to believe there was more to life and that we were going to get through this. The song is centered around a new love and the sentiment that comes with it, of feeling indestructible and excited. That’s how I want people to feel about life again and to listen to the track and feel uplifted, hopeful and ready to live fully. This is why ‘Taste of You’ holds such a special meaning to me, and hopefully it inspires others too.”

Georg’ Estelle