New Music: Danny Bowens

A richly eclectic approach to pop from US talent Danny Bowens. This is a uniquely captivating sound that fuses elements of RnB and hip hop seamlessly, forming a style of music that feels charming and playful, yet deep and emotive.

Outside of music, Danny is a man of many talents; he is a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie who has travelled the world climbing mountains and surviving in the wild. On the other hand, he’s also a college graduate who has worked in hospitals saving lives and practicing medicine to become a doctor. On the song, Danny says:

“Is it possible to be addicted to another human? To be stuck in their trance, as still as stone. You know they’re bad for you, destructive even, but you can’t help but do anything to keep them close. You’ve tried to stay away, you know what you need to do but your lust for them drives you right back into their clutch. You don’t want them, but you need them. It took me years to recognise how toxic my last relationship was, how it brought me closer to the edge than I’ve ever been, and how much I craved the risk. I was blind to her perniciousness, kept ‘stoned’ by her beauty, her love, her bone-chilling stare. She was my Medusa.”

Danny Bowens