New Music: Kay Seeyen

Not only is twenty-year old talent Kay Seeyen shaping up to become part of the UK’s next wave of exciting musical talent, but he’s also studying neuroscience at university.

His release of ‘Pillow Talk’ showcases a lo-fi pop approach to music making and is matched with vivid lyricism that keeps you hooked from the start. On the track, Seeyen says:

A song I wrote imagining the first night out clubbing after lockdown ends in the UK, and the things that come with a night out – getting into a confrontation with some guy that’s pushing into you on the dance floor, convincing a girl you’ve been getting with to come home with you, and ultimately waking up next to someone you don’t know with a terrible hangover. Being deprived of my student social life for close to a year makes dreaming of simple nights out a good source of song writing for me, and I hope that my excitement and energy for the return of that social life shines through in this song.

Kay Seeyen