New Music: All The Queen’s Horses

Working under the moniker of All The Queen’s Horses, Irish talent Sean Murphy is already causing a wave of excitement amongst the indie-folk scene.

He’s been nominated three times at this year’s International Songwriting Competition under the categories of Performance, Folk Singer-Songwriter and Best Song for Sync. And listening to ‘Raised By Wolves’ makes it clear why this artist is so well-received.

With a gorgeously dark approach to songwriting that blends haunting and sinister productions with deeply intense lyricism, packed full of metaphors and historical references, Murphy is steadily building a very loyal fanbase. When describing the the song, he explains:

“The song tells the story of a person who experiences constant misfortune in life (I live in fire and there’s no symmetry and there’s no winning here) and of the people who should never have abandoned him. Their indifference towards him (when the storms came I’d stay out in the snow) and his incomprehension of how they can accept this so easily (I held on to Jerusalem with my arrow and my bow). This man is on a warpath against all those who have abandoned him, but loses the strength to continue fighting them (and I will follow you and I will follow them) and his world begins to come apart at the seams. Embittered by his years of neglect, he believes that the misfortune and suffering of others is not equal to his (their virgin chests swim near and there’s no fitting in). The protagonist is portrayed as caustic, hostile and argumentative. His world collapses and he is poison to those around him.”

All The Queen’s Horses