New Music: Tassia Zappia

Sometimes (albeit, very rarely), you listen to new artist sing just a few notes and you instantly know there’s something immensely special about them. I can now say that in April 2021, one of those moments occurred with the discovery of Australian singer-songwriter Tassia Zappia.

A sensationally mesmerising vocal is paired with a classic soul production to give this song an essence of timelessness that is just so magnificent to experience. Watch out for this lady – she’s going to take over the world by storm, mark my words!

“I pour my heartache, the agony and ecstasy into every one of my songs. I’m being very straightforward and saying, ‘This is my life. This is how I feel. I hope you feel the same way.’ When you hear a song where you relate to every lyric, it reminds you somebody else is going through the same things, and it makes the world ten times better. You know you’re not the only person in bed crying about this.”

Tassia Zappia

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