Pat – White Air Forces

With over a million followers on TikTok alone, UK hip hop talent Pat has had quite the meteoric rise since he self-released his debut Kodak back in January.

Today he returns with the equally brilliant ‘White Air Forces’, showcasing his thoughtful and fun approach to music-making, combining original observations with a heartfelt and intimate message.

“’White Air Forces’ is a song that focuses on the perfect imperfections that you find in every relationship. The imagery of the creased Air Forces used throughout the song aims to convey the message that no matter how hard you try to keep something perfect over time the wear and tear will start to show.

“Air Force 1s are notoriously easily creased and people go above and beyond to try and keep them in mint condition this compares to a modern relationship and the song aims to showcase the message that there really isn’t a need to force anything and just accept the fact that things are not always going to be great and if you truly love and value the person you will look past the creases and continue to wear the Air Forces.”