Denis Coleman – Tangerine

Teen star Denis Coleman has certainly caused quite a stir since the release of his debut EP a mere five months ago. This burgeoning artist has already amassed almost five million streams across all platforms, supported The Vamps on tour and will soon be joining HRVY on his virtual show at the Royal Albert Hall.

“’Tangerine’ is about the truth that comes out in the night. After a certain hour, all the facades we build to hide our insecurities, our fears, our desires crumble down leaving nothing but our genuine self, beautiful in its simplicity. Tangerine describes being able to tell that someone is fighting their own demons and wanting to help but realising that you still have to be patient. If you bite too soon, they might lash out. But like the tangerine which appears to be an ordinary fruit with a rough skin at first, getting know them is worth it because behind the barriers they put up, they are a genuinely sweet person.”

Denis Coleman