New Music: emie nathan

I am so excited to be sharing with you the sounds of new talent emie nathan. Her single ‘noman’ is just about the most beautiful debut you will listen to all day.

This is a song that feels deeply emotive in a subdued kind of way, brimming with raw lyrical honesty that is delivered with gorgeously velvety vocals.

“I wrote this song just over a year ago when I was a few months into a new relationship. It tackles the realisation of the fact that I was (more often than not), a glass-half-empty kind of person having previously been sure that I always led with optimism. While not necessarily always a bad thing, I started to notice a default negative response within myself sometimes evading accountability and worst of all not giving myself credit where credit was due. This song marked the willingness to try and see things through a more positive lens, to allow myself to feel celebrated and seen by those who love me, and to hold myself to a higher standard.”  

emie nathan