Cassia – Right There

Cassia have very rapidly become one of the UK’s most exciting and promising indie talents.

The Macclesfield-born outfit recently relocated to Berlin and consequently self-produced all their new music so that it is completely¬†uncompromised. On new single ‘Right There’, drummer Jake explains:

“‘Right There’ came from quite a difficult place and was originally written as a slower piano song, with the words coming out almost as if I was talking. It’s about a very specific feeling, one of loneliness, and picking things apart – a vicious cycle, really. When I brought the song to the guys we wanted to make it as upbeat and uplifting as possible, as there is something kind of electric about taking those lows and sticking a finger to them. I know we live for songs like that and we hope this will have a similar impact on our fans who might need it.”