Porsh Bet$ – Peanut Butter

Fuelled by a deep perception and understanding about the things you want but can’t have, ‘Peanut Butter’ is the latest release from Harlem native Porsh Bet$. This is some of the finest fusions of alt-pop and RnB you’ll likely listen to all week.

“When I wrote [Peanut Butter] I was definitely just kinda daydreaming about the most perfect scenario – you know, with a girl and a fancy car on a nice day. Cause I’m allergic to peanut butter I really shouldn’t be near it, but it sucks because everyone else loves it! It looks good, but once I get too close, I get nauseous. I think of it like this – sometimes being left out is a good thing.”

Taken from the forthcoming debut EP ‘I Used To Think Forever’.

Porsh Bet$