Austen – North South East West

Australian indie-pop doesn’t get much more emotive than with this release from hugely talented artist Austen.

‘North South East West’ is a stripped-back and understated song that still packs a punch. Clever lyricism and beautifully distinctive vocals glide over a beautiful melody to create something that’s really quite special.

“The song was born from a super fun co-writing session with my friends Evan Klar (Berlin) and Hailey Collier (LA). It’s love letter to the honeymoon period. Ironically stemming from a dark place, I went into that studio session having just found out ten minutes earlier that a person really close to me had been telling me loads of lies – which is where the first verse started from: wondering what makes someone feel the need to lie? We took that, tried to laugh at it, and went on to spin it into something positive, imagining the flip side of the situation where things are easy breezy, simple, and comfortable.