Leif Coffield – Just Wanna Be Strange

The Glaswegian alt-pop wonder-kid that is Leif Coffield returns today with the refreshingly eccentric ‘Just Wanna Be Strange’.

This is a deliciously dark and twisted (almost sinister release), with lyricism that looks at obsession, infallibility, and idolisation.

In an age where we are so driven by the idolisation of celebrity status, ‘Just Wanna Be Strange’ aims to portray the perspective of the obsessor. Often times we idolise those we see ourselves in, or see ourselves with, and it’s not difficult to think of someone with fame or celebrity that we haven’t adored simply because they seem ‘quirky’ or ‘weird’, and that it’s a travesty-debt owed to the universe that they haven’t become friends or lovers. This song represents that. All of that.”

Leif Coffield