New Music: EREZ

A beautifully conceptual fusion of indietronica and trip hop from a talent who is unafraid of bringing thought-provoking lyricism into her songs.

New York City born and Israeli-raised, queer artist and producer EREZ wears her heart on her sleeve and will make history doing so.

“‘Modern Dream’ is just me self reflecting and questions the place and power of technology and socials in my life and our collective lives as humans – therefore the constant use of the word ‘we’ and not ‘I’ or ‘you’ or ‘they’. I’m trying to get across a simple question – are we part of the machine or not? This hunger for fame, validation and recognition is often external and learned. Who is teaching us to crave this? The machine. The machine that makes money off us thinking that this is the route to happiness, success and fulfilment. While the truth is, those things really only come from within. (Easier said than done yea). Yes we all are looking to be validated by our friends, family and peers but to what extent?”