New Music: Wohdee

British talent Wohdee brings a finessed approach to UK rap, blending sharp beats with a deliciously addictive bass and captivating lyricism. Not bad going, considering she only started recording original music during the first lockdown last July!

“The idea for ‘Vain’ came about when I was in the studio listening to the beat. I was puzzled on what to write about, so I asked my sister and she said to write about being vain (because I am). The ideas flew straight to my head after that, and making the song was quite easy. At first, I viewed it as fun and shallow, but now it’s more of an affirmation. Sometimes I have to remind myself of who I am, and the song reiterates it. I hope ‘Vain’ makes people feel good about themselves while listening to it. I want it to boost a lot of egos and gas a lot of heads.”