Drew Jodi – Lost

Following on from the fantastic debut Coward’, Drew Jodi returns today with stunning new single ‘Lost’. If you haven’t heard the latter song, then you really should – there’s a juxtaposition in tone between both tracks that is stark; yet lyrically both tracks centre on mental health and the theme of breathing.

Where the breathing in ‘Coward’ is a metaphor for loneliness, in ‘Lost’ the delivery of ‘breathe in’ comes less as a command and more of a reminder to exercise presence of mind, even with the weight of the past bearing down.

“I was finishing ‘Lost’ around the same time I wrote ‘Coward’ during the first lockdown last year. Both tracks were written in a stream of consciousness,  with most of the lyrics coming out in one improv take. I only realised later that I was almost talking about the same thing from an alternate perspective.”

Drew Jodi