Chrissie Huntley – Supposed to Be

From her first live show in 2018, through to headlining the O2 Academy in her hometown of Bristol and being handpicked by Michael Eavis to play Glastonbury Festival, Chrissie Huntley has been making significant impact in a very quick space of time.

Even during lockdown, she transformed her closet into a home studio and began collaborating with musicians from across the globe. The result is a new collection of songs, one of which is the sensational ‘Supposed to Be’.

“‘Supposed to Be’ is one of the first songs I ever wrote when I was a teenager and I just got dumped by the guy who I thought was supposed to be ‘the one’. I think we’ve all been in that position where you know that it’s over, but you just want to hold on and pretend just a little while longer…”

Chrissie Huntley