New Music: Isaac Jack

British newcomer Isaac Jack is an 18-year old artist who’s style of incorporating raw emotion, passion and quirkiness into his music delivers a fresh sound that channels all kinds of feelings.

While on the surface, ‘Pointless Girl’ seems like a stripped-back indie affair, the lyricism intricately tells of a story, best put by Isaac himself:

“The song examines the despair of young breakups, following a protagonist who is blinded with anger and confusion. They can’t help but obsess over their previous love, attempting to overcome the feeling of yearning through other relationships. However, the protagonist can never shake his past love from his head, seeing all other attempts as pointless. The raw vocals and plosive lyrics further cement the feeling of despair. The protagonist doesn’t care for anything anymore, ‘you can say what you like’, however at the same time you can see the fragility that the break-up has caused, ‘promise you won’t be as mean’. The protagonist has been worn down by the anger, frustration and heartache. In essence, his break-up is broken down into being a ‘bitter taste’ – the break-up has ruined his palette for anything else. The bitter taste of what could have been envelopes everything.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘The Salt That Stays’ which is out now.

Isaac Jack