girlhouse – pretty girl in la

With support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, DUMMY, WONDERLAND, NOTION, and EARMILK (plus flagship Spotify playlists), it’s only a matter of time before fast-rising bedroom pop artist girlhouse (aka Lauren Luiz) takes over the world.

Today she’s one step closer to that happening, with the release of fantastic debut collection ‘the girlhouse ep’ and new single ‘pretty girl in la’. The song pays homage to her time in the infamous city, focusing on the anxiety-inducing aura that it has around it.

“This one is very nostalgic of my West Hollywood days, wanting to be an actress and letting people destroy my confidence daily for the sake of the ‘craft’. I have so many memories of being out at bars/ clubs in LA having a lovely time, when out of the blue some stranger would come up to me and tell me that I’m ‘kind of pretty, but not LA pretty.’ Drilling deeper saying that ‘in my hometown I might be a 7 or 8 but in LA I’m merely a 4.’ This happened so many times that I really started to take it to heart, I was 23 and it kind of destroyed me! I would hold my breath going through tunnels just wishing that I could be an LA 8, thinking that would fix all my problems.”

Taken from ‘the girlhouse ep’ which is out now.