New Music: ORIAN

Berlin-based Irish artist ORIAN has the kind of voice that immediately warms your heart, allowing you to connect with the music on a deeper and more emotional level. ‘Jewellery Box’ was created in collaboration with Grammy award winner Erik Alcock, who’s worked with the likes of Eminem, Celine Dion, and Pink! to name a few.

Centred around his mother’s jewellery box which he remembered from childhood, ORIAN crafts the song around the concept of personal history spanning generations, and the significance of passing things down to the ones we love. Through the object, he considers how people and love change, and how they stay the same.

“The idea for the song came about when I was in a bar one night with my girlfriend who asked me if I could place my heart physically anywhere, where would that be, and I immediately said ‘My mothers jewellery box’. Luckily, she remembered this the next day, and I thought it was a cool idea to form a song around.”